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2nd Guangxi “Ringway” E-organ Teaching Exchange Activity


Organized by Ringway Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. and Liuzhou Youth Palace, Guangxi “Ringway” E-organ Teaching Exchange Activity was held in Youth Palace of Liuzhou On Oct 4, 2012.

 Hua Nachen from Ringway Art Center hosted the activity and helped to explain for all the teachers attended. The contents touched upon during the activity are as follows:

 1、Review 1stteaching exchange contents: using function, performing songs and performing pedal keyboard and so on, to help the teachers to obtain a better grasp on Ringway E-organ.

 2、Deeper explanation of function: including some seldom used effectors, such as attack, tune and cut-off and so on; use of keyboard split function and the application of its bank.

 3、Detailed explanation about playing: solving the problems arising during teaching and demonstrating explaining, for example, change between upper and lower keyboard, play with feet and flexibly use expression pedal.

 4、Answering questions about teaching: explaining for common misunderstanding, pointing out the problems and notices in enlightenment teaching and telling the features of teaching E-organ

 5、Practice class and demonstration: taking the local students as a model, referring to students at different learning stages, do teaching demonstration for teachers attended

Through teaching exchange activity, all the teachers got a deeper understanding of the function and teaching method of Ringway E-organ, which also promoted the popularity and education of E-organ in Guangxi Province. 

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