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    • RS400
Product Details

Upper keyboard:49 standard-size keys (C1—C5) with touch response
Lower keyboard:61 standard-size keys (C1—C6) with touch response
Pedal keyboard:20 keys (C0—G1) with touch response
Display: Multi-function backlight LCD display.
Polyphony: 64 notes max
140 PCM voices,include 12 oriental voices;
14 drum kits Upper voice 1,Upper voice 2,Upper lead voice,Lower voice 1,Lower voice 2, Pedal voice 1,Pedal voice 2, Lower percussion,Pedal percussion
Voice Control:
volume,Pan,Tune,Transpose,Octave(Feet),envlope(Attack,Decay,Release), Vibrato(Rate,Depth,Delay),TVF-Resonnance TVF-CutoffFreq,Sustain
Pedal: Damper Pedal(can set to soft pedal or sostenuto pedal),
Effect on/off
Reverb settings:Send level,Type,Pre-LPF,Master level,Time,Delay feedback
Chorus settings:Send level,Type,Pre-LPF,Master level,Feedback,Delay,Rate,Depth,Send level to reverb
Styles: 100 styles
Style Features:
Fade,Synchro, Start/stop, Intro/Ending, Main A,Main B,Fill in,
Acc. volume,Part volume
Sequence(255 x 2)
Keyboard Control:
Fingered chord,Custom chord,Upper lead voice split,pedal voice split,harmony,5 touch curves with sensitivity settings Lead voice ToLower,Pedal voice1 ToLower,Pedal voice2 ToLower
Demo: 3 songs Play MIDI files from USB disk
Song recording:
Multi-track MIDI file record (save to USB disk),punch-in record
Registration Memory: 16 x 4,Disable save to/Load from USB disk
Pitch bend,Modulation,MIDI IN/OUT control,self-update,Lock function,Expression pedal,FootSwitch,Regshift(Off,Shift,Jump,User(78)),Mike volume,Local control
AC 220V power socket;Headphone jack1,2;External damper pedal socket;External expression pedal socket, Line out jack 1,2;Line in,MIDI in/out jack.,USB disk socket,Mike jack
Speakers: YD139:4Ω*30W*2 YD50: 4Ω*3W*2
Dimensions(W x D x H): 1100mm x 605mm x 960 mm
Weight: 51.26 kg

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